About the Dog

Paco (ID 0000001557)
Short Haired Chihuahua/Basenji Mix
12.5 Years
Small Size


Good w/ Cats
Good w/ Dogs
Good w/ All Kids


Taco and Paco were strays at Maricopa pound. They were extremely frightened and only Paco would come to the front of the kennel and then run back with his tail between his legs shaking. They were both on the euthanasia list for the next morning, but not for long. Once in our car they were still shaking but were kissing our hands. I'm sure they will be confident little boys in no time. UPDATE: Paco and Taco our both in foster care with other dogs and a cat. They both will try to play with the cat but have never tried to hurt her. They absolutely love other dogs. Paco is the out going one of the two. He can thrive in most house-holds. He loves to play with other dogs, so a home with either Taco or another dog would be ideal. He is the biggest lover ever and will kiss you non stop until you push him a way. He is a goofy boy that will make a great family member addition!

Vet Information

Sep 09, 2006
4 in 1 shots @ AC&C

Sep 15, 2006
Rabies 1 Year L07-285105 @ AC&C

Sep 15, 2006
Frontline and Bordetella @ AZ Pet Resort

Sep 22, 2006
Neuter @ AZ Pet Resort


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