About the Dog

Toblerone (ID 0000002146)
Long Haired Chow/Beagle Mix
12.5 Years
Medium Size


No Cats
Unknown w/ Dogs
Good w/ All Kids


Toblerone is one chunky gal and super cute! She obviously had a home and family at one time, but lost them somehow. Toblerone ended up being on the euthanasia list and thankfully we got her out just in time. She is a very sweet girl who loves people. When she meets a new person, she is very happy to say hello and reaches right up to be petted. Then, she will go to the next person and greet him or her in the same way. She is a curious girl who loves to explore. She would really enjoy being with an active family and would love walking and hiking. Although she has pretty good manners, she will need a family who will give her structure and training. However, she is eager to please and learns fast. If you would like to apply to adopt Tobelerone, please click on "Contact Us About Toblerone".

Vet Information

Jan 02, 2008
4 in 1 shots @ AC&C

Jan 06, 2008
Rabies 1 Year L09-738315 @ AC&C

Feb 01, 2008
Frontline by Paw Placement

Feb 17, 2008
spayed confirmed at Pecan Grove


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