Paws at Work

Paw Placement receives generous support each year from people who donate to us through their workplace.

Participating in your own company's workplace-giving programs is a great way to increase monies donated to Paw Placement's homeless cats and dogs.

There are many ways you may help us at work. Below are just a few:


Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching donations as an incentive to increase philanthropy among their employees. Some companies even match the donations made to charity by employee spouses and company retirees.

Does yours?

Please ask your Human Resources Manager if your company matches employee donations made to charity. If they don't, see if they will. If Paw Placement Animal Rescue is not on your company's approved charities in your workplace contribution campaign, ask if you may write us in or have us added to the list.

Matching gifts from companies allows you to double or triple the amount of money you may promise to homeless animals-in-need.

Information to provide:

Paw Placement Animal Rescue
PMB 769, 3370 N Hayden Rd., #123
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

EIN: 47-0885377


 Company Grants for Volunteer Time

 Some companies will give grants to organizations for which their employees volunteer. Ask your Human Resources or Community Relations department if this is available at your company. Please take advantage of this great way to increase support of Paw Placement's cats and dogs.